GSP 1502T-2 Flame-out Polyurethane Potting Compound

GSP 1502T-2 Flame-out Polyurethane Potting Compound

Category: 2-Part Polyurethane Potting Compounds

SKU: GSP 1502T-2

GSP 1502T-2 is a flame-retardant, thermally-conductive, flexible polyurethane potting system. The Part A and Part B components have a low mixed-viscosity that allows for good flow and substrate wetting during application. The cured polyurethane elastomer will meet or exceed UL 94 V-0 at 0.250 inches (6.35 mm). Additionally, GSP 1502T-2 exhibits good physical strength, toughness, and electrical properties. This polyurethane system bonds very well to metal and plastic substrates and can be used in applications where adhesion is needed.

GSP 1502T-2 was specially formulated to minimize filler settling for extended shelf-life. The system contains no TDI or heavy metal catalysts (e.g. mercury, lead, etc.).

GSP 1502T-2 can be used in applications involving encapsulation or potting of electrical components such as printed circuit boards (PCB), ballast transformers and telecommunications. It is particularly ideal in applications where a low viscosity, rapid cure, thermal conductivity and flame-retardancy are required.

Tech Data Sheet: Safety Data Sheet: Chemistry: Polyurethane
Ratio by Weight: 15A:100B
Cure Conditions: 48 hours @ RT; 1-3 hrs @ 140-185F
Hardness: 88A +/- 5
Thickness: Flowable
Color: Off-White
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