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GS Polymers, Inc. manufactures specialty polyurethane and epoxy products. We offer a standard product line as well as custom formulating. We meet the needs of adhesive, potting, and casting applications. 

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GS Polymers provides the following services. Custom Adhesive Formulating,Custom Potting Formulating,Custom Casting Compounds,Cast Parts,Application testing,Toll mixing

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GS Polymers’ functional testing laboratory is one of our greatest strengths. Let us help you qualify our product for your application to ensure product suitability.

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GSP 1362 High-Temperature Potting Compound
March 23, 2018

GSP 1362 is a two-part epoxy potting compound designed for insulative encapsulation of electronic components in high-temperature applications. The cured system can withstand thermal cycling up to...

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